It’s best in the summer, but Helgeland is also beautiful in the winter. Cheers, Julie. The result: the incredibly charming and postcard-perfect city you see today! That includes the rental car, 2 hotel rooms, meals, and activities. 18 Fly (2:30 am) to Oslo (5:20 am); Oslo (11:10 am) to US, Hello Jian. Dining at Hotel Union is a formal affair, with two sittings for dinner during high season: one at 6:30pm and one at 8:30pm. This Map Shows the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip. If all this back-and-forth driving makes you feel sick or nervous, don't worry; there are plenty of rest stops where you can get out, stretch your legs, enjoy the views, and psych yourself up a bit. Luxury Road Trip Holidays in Europe and the UK in your car! We slept in cabin #3 and it was adorable. From here, on a clear day, you can see all of the way out to the Atlantic Ocean. Norway was a dream destination of mine. The Norway in a Nutshell tour is a very popular excursion for first-time visitors to Norway. These three weeks leads you to some of the most breathtaking nature and urban oases across Norway… The lavish furnishings and old-world set up are all still there, from the four-poster beds and velvet backboards to the wait staff kitted out in traditional outfits. Trolltunga:  June 1 to September 30. We chose the rental car option. The one place that didn’t really make sense itinerary-wise was Trolltunga. The 18 routes are scattered throughout Norway, so you need to pick a region and focus on one area’s routes. If you really want to do those hikes, I’d go in June/July, just to make sure the trails are open. This 14-day road trip leads you to some of the most breathtaking fjord landscapes in Norway. 8:00 – drive to stalheim hotel (2 hrs), enjoy the view (30 mins) Julie Last updated: December 11, 2020 Itinerary, Norway 193 Comments. This two week road trip brings you to the most beautiful fjords, charming towns, incredible landscapes, and iconic hikes. Unfortunately, during our stay in Geiranger, it was wet and foggy and at times we could barely see the fjord from the hotel. You might want to also pick up some treats to eat later on your epic train ride…. Simply choose the country you want to explore, select the kinds of things that interest you and then let us inspire your next adventure. Aug 24, 2019 - Norway is a beautiful country full of awe-inspiring fjords and majestic mountains. Hannah and Laurence road trip around Norway visiting all the famous outdoor attractions including Trolltunga and Preikestolen. For the fjord part of your trip (southern Norway) you are doing exactly what we did, going on a road trip. From 1904 to 1907, the city was painstakingly rebuilt in the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) style, which was considered very contemporary at the time. For recommendations on where to stay near the Trolltunga hike, read our article. Thanks for writing in to us and I am happy to help you with your itinerary. Not everyone can devote three weeks to a trip to South Africa, but we hope that this adventure has whet your appetite for a road trip to the Rainbow Nation, where you will find great spots, great food and great people along the way. Be daring and stand on Kjeragbolten, hike out to Trolltunga and pose for the camera, enjoy epic views out to the Atlantic Ocean from Romsdalseggen, and hike Norway’s most popular hike, Pulpit Rock. Norway Road Trip Itinerary and Map. There's something about "the smell of Norway," writes Nilsson in "The Ultimate Norwegian Road Trip." Republishing this article and/or any of its contents (text, photography, etc. Cheers, Julie. Read all of our articles about Norway in our. Apr 29, 2020 - Looking for the best Norway itinerary? Just off the coast of Ålesund is an island called Runde, which is known for its enormous population of seabirds - specifically, puffins! 15 Longyearbyen 10 Lofoten That being said, Runde itself is positively stunning, with wild landscapes, rolling green hills, rustic old lighthouses and ample hiking opportunities. This popular stretch of road is part of a bigger route called Rallarvegen, aka the old navvies' road, which was built in the early 1900s to give navvies access to the Bergen Railway during its construction. From Åndalsnes, there is a bus that delivers hikers to the start of the hike. 12: 30 – fjord cruise (2.5 hours) The Ultimate Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Follow Me Away. Are you planning a trip to the Norway? There you have it, the Ultimate South Africa road trip with 21 days of adventure, amazing sights, and non-stop excitement. Here you'll find everything from freshly caught King crab, prawns and mussels to seafood salad, smoked salmon and fish soup - a classic Norwegian dish. There is now a footbridge that crosses the river, offering views of the waterfall. December 5, 2015. You can hike this trail from July 1 through September 30, when the shuttle bus is in service. The Ultimate USA Road Trip Is Right Here… And You’ll Definitely Want To Do It. I recommend renting a car at the airport. I will describe for you the best rental companies, traffic rules, toll roads and other useful tips and tricks! Return to Stavanger. It’s the ultimate Europe road trip blog. If you are up for this adventure, like we were, then when you pull out of the Kjerag parking lot turn left and you’ll start going down this dangerous, windy, switchback road almost right away. If you are planning a trip to Norway before June with the intent to go hiking, here are some things to consider: Pulpit Rock: You can hike Pulpit Rock from April to October. Strong, delicious (and relatively cheap) coffee is paired with warm waffles, freshly baked cakes and sandwiches, if you're after something a little heartier. This epic Norway road trip begins in Bergen and winds its way along the west coast, taking in the iconic fjords, charming villages, real-life puffins and one of the steepest train rides in the world. Thank you very much! This 14-day road trip leads you to some of the most breathtaking fjord landscapes in Norway. Hike to Rampestreken viewpoint (3h)” Read More: Hiking Trolltunga: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Experience. This hike can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. We are planning a trip and debating between late July or early August? Drive to Bud and Atlantic Road By joining our email list, you give LazyTrips permission to use your email for sending you newsletters, emails and updates including for marketing purposes. On another note, I went through several of your travel blogs, and just wanted to comment that they are fantastic. Keep an eye out for towering waterfalls (including the famous Seven Sisters Waterfall), abandoned farms clinging to the hills and adventurous kayakers paddling through the fjord. This is a great starting point for a hike - however long or short you want to make it. That is now closed. Your email address will not be published. It's the perfect place to take in the stunning scenery without having to withstand the elements! Option 1 is to hike the switchback trail near the funicular track. If you had to pick a month to go back to Norway would it be July or early August? Note that Cafe Rallaren only offer bike rentals during high season, from the beginning of June to the end of September. Andy Meyer interviews Olav Mjelva, one of Norway's premier Hardanger fiddlers, who has started up a tailored travel service called Norwegian Road Trip. Assuming you arrive in Cancun early enough in the day to reach Valladolid before sunset, we highly recommend grabbing your rental car at the airport and then immediately hitting the road! Usually it is Hertz, Avis, or Budget, but by now, we have used every major company that there is. Olav Mjelva's Norwegian Road Trip - The Norwegian American. powered by Microsoft News. You addressed the exact concern I have. Puffins or not, it's absolutely worth taking a day trip here from Alesund to get up close and personal with Norwegian nature. Twenty minutes east of Eidfjord is Vøringsfossen, a stunning waterfall that you can hike to. The menu here features hearty dishes like lamb shank, hamburgers, risotto and chicken salad, as well as a couple of veggie and vegan options. From there, you'll start a steep ascent, winding this way and that around the Norwegian countryside. Road tripping can be a fantastic experience for you, your family, or a group of friends. Note: There are three daily departures from Hellesylt in April, four in May, eight from June to September and three in October. Inspiration. In 10 days, you will be able to do four amazing hikes. If you're lucky, you just might spot the shape of a troll's face jutting out from the cliffs. Hello Katie. Rise and shine! 11:20 – extra time for stops (15-20 mins), lunch in flam (30 – 40 mins) I’m glad we could help you with your trip to Italy. In stark contrast to the old wooden buildings that dominate Bergen, the city is also home to a neat collection of street art displays. 2 The Kjeragbolten Hike (Starting point: Øygardstøl) According to the hotel staff, it hasn't been moved since! Once the tour is over it is time to drive to Balestrand. They're generally around from April through August, but they tend to stay at sea in the daytime and are somewhat unpredictable when it comes to flying back to the island. Stavanger will be your home base for the next three nights. We did all of the Norway in a Nutshell on one day (but had a delay because of issues with the ferry) and the drive to Geiranger on the second day. A road trip through the fjords is a bucket list item for many. The Geirangerfjord is certainly one of the highlights in the south of Norway. Required fields are marked *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Time to get into the adventurous spirit! Day 7: Scenic Drive to Geiranger Where We Stayed in Balestrand: We stayed in the Balestrand Hotel, a nothing fancy, family-run hotel. It is not unusual to have rainy weather during September and October. Where We Stayed in Stavanger: The Comfort Square Hotel. Bon appetit! Return to Molde or Alesund” Not sure if this has been asked before or not, but what’s a cost range for a 10 day trip like this, say out of.. PDX. It’s the kind of vast, rugged, windswept, beautiful place that panorama functionality on cameras was designed for. Cruise past dense forests, huge boulders and tiny farm houses until you reach the entry to Troll's Way. This tour includes a cruise on Naeroyfjord (a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the narrowest fjord in Norway) and Aurlandsfjord, a railway journey to and from Myrdal, and a spectacular view of the Naeroydalen valley from the Stalheim Hotel. Your ultimate goal is the brand new, incredibly visually striking Trollstigen Centre at the top of the road. Starting and ending in Oslo, you will get to explore breathtaking vistas along Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord. If you click the star next to the title of the map, this map will be added to your Google Maps account. Have lunch at the fish market, wander the cobblestoned streets, take the funicular up the hillside for the best views over Bergen, and explore Bryggen, the location of the Hanseatic houses along the harbor. While many of Norway's highlights can be seen from a train window or by bus, renting a car opens up a whole new set of opportunities. It left such an impression on me. In the afternoon, head back to Ålesund and have a hot shower at your hotel; after spending the day outdoors, you'll likely appreciate it! Once you're fully caffeinated and raring to go, make your way to Flåm train station. Well, you have come to the right place. Thanks so much for publishing this great itinerary! I recently spent a week touring the magnificent Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway. In our opinion, there is no better way to see Norway than by hiking! If you follow any travel bloggers or Instagrammers who've gone on a holiday in Norway, you'll probably recognise the distinctive hairpin turns and wild landscapes of Trollstigen from pictures. Drive to Stavanger” A trip to Bergen would be incomplete without visiting Fisketorget - the famous local fish market that's been in operation since the 13th century. The hike is five miles round trip, the shortest on this Norway itinerary. This transforms the hotel into a fascinating relic of the 19th century, sort of a hotel-slash-museum. From Geiranger, drive up the steep and winding Ørnevegen, “The Eagle Road”, to Eidsdal, where you will take a short, scenic ferry ride to Linge. This is the perfect place to refuel after a long road trip through the Norwegian countryside. Day 3: Kjeragbolten hike There are hiking and biking trails, kayaks to rent, viewpoints to drive to, and the small town of Geiranger to explore and to go shopping. fakeswedishaccent Norway finnmark, nord norge, northcape, norway, road trip, tromso 4 Comments. The journey to Myrdal takes just 45 minutes, but it will likely be stamped on your memory for a lifetime. Although not the longest hike in this Norway itinerary, we found it to be the most difficult. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; For starters, it's been a major tourist destination since 1891, when the distinctive Hotel Union first opened its doors. There are now several options for hiking to Trolltunga. Take the morning to buy some last-minute souvenirs, snap some final pics and write a couple of novelty postcards home. Not sure where to start with your road trip tour of Norway? Once finished in Bergen, you will drive to a town near the Trolltunga hike. I’ve also written dedicated blog posts for each destination with extra tips and advice, which I link to throughout the post. However, you can go earlier (in May), if you get a guide for the Trolltunga hike. Our website uses cookies. Hi Julie: Thank you so much for your quick response. Were somebody to complete it in its entirety, it would take 214.56 driving hours (around nine days) and would clock up 13,389 miles on the odometer. This zig-zagging 55-kilometre-long route winds around mountains and rivers, through tunnels and along fjords, past lush valleys, rocky mountains and cascading waterfalls. Skip the Starbucks and head to one of the city's favourite local cafes: Kaf Kafe Bryggen. This hike is a point to point hike, starting on farmland and ending in the town of Åndalsnes. Bergen looks beautiful in the morning light, the pink sun reflecting off its still harbour, so go for a walk down to the water to snap some photos. Trollstigen and the Aurlandsvegen Snow Road make it onto this list. There are lots of options in and around the waterfront, whether you're in the mood for fresh seafood, pizza or casual burgers. Tomorrow is an early morning. Romsdalseggen Ridge:  June 30 to September 30 (when the shuttle bus is in service). But it can be very expensive. Continue south on route 63 about 45 minutes until you reach Gudbrandsjuvet, a small scenic gorge cut through by the clear blue Valldøla River. We love disconnecting from digital distractions and we normally take our yearly time off work somewhere remote. From Bergen, it takes about three hours to drive to these towns. Try to get an early night; there are plenty more adventures in store! A roadtrip is always is good way to explore large countries so for this trip I decided to fly in and rent a car for 2 weeks to explore Sweden , Denmark and Norway . Drive two hours back to Stavanger, return the rental car, and get a good night’s sleep. You should arrive in Geiranger around 2pm or 3pm. You can hike this trail from July 1 through September 30, when the shuttle bus is in service. Top tip: Order a classic Norwegian cinnamon bun - you won't regret it! See the best of Norway with this 2-week road trip itinerary along the most beautiful fjords and the Atlantic coast #Norway #itinerary. It’s a crazy thing to do but one of our favorite traveling memories, for sure! Today is another day of epic hiking and a chance to see more of iconic Norway. We've been wanting to do a Norway road trip for a very long time. For everyone else, you'll be starting at the north end of the route (turning right off the E136 onto route 63). Cheers, Julie. We have put together the ultimate Norway itinerary so you can see it all. Few places lend themselves to a great road trip than Australia: open roads, stunning scenery, remote places… Whether you like adventure or a leisurely drive, here is a guide on how to plan the ultimate Australia road trip. Jun 28, 2018 - Explore JP Stones Photography's board "Norway Roadtrip", followed by 592 people on Pinterest. This perfect road trip can begin in any state, whether east or west coast, or somewhere in between. Head back to your hotel to freshen up, then make your way to the funicular in the afternoon to catch a glimpse of Bergen from up high. If you're feeling adventurous, embark on the return journey from Myrdal to Flåm by bike, which takes you past stunning scenery, babbling brooks, old farm houses and wild raspberry bushes. Trains depart for Myrdal every hour in high season and every couple of hours during low season, and tickets can be booked well in advance, so be sure to do so on the NSB website before your trip. Click on the city you wish to start your road trip from and get the best car rental deals and prices: Oslo, … This road includes lots of bridges connecting islands, and it was incredibly expensive to build, so … Odda and Tyssedal are the two towns located closest to the hike. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; I know you’ve dreamed of traveling the country to see all the famous landmarks and cities. This 21-day tour is the ultimate road trip in Scandinavia. The cost of this trip depends on a lot of factors (time of year you visit, budget vs midrange vs luxury hotels, how often you dine in restaurants). It takes roughly 3 hours round trip to hike to the viewpoint. Hey, America! No capo, can be played along with recording or just plain acoustic (same chords). #australia #roadtrip #drive We were not so lucky, but even so, the views were still amazing. At sunset, treat yourself to a drink and an early dinner in the cafe at the summit, which has lovely panoramic views. Today's ultimate destination is Ålesund, one of the most picturesque cities in Norway. If you do not plan on hiking, some roads on this Norway itinerary can be closed from November through May. Thinking about road tripping Norway? First things first: breakfast time. The Ultimate Norway Road Trip Itinerary Norway Itinerary Stop 1: Begin Your Norway Road Trip in Oslo. We did this trip in 2013 so our rental car price will no longer be accurate for what you can expect. This rugged and serene drive offers plenty of scenic views over idyllic mountain landscapes with lots of lakes and snowy mountain tops that can be experienced right from the car. Your ultimate Norway Road Trip comes topped off with time in Alesund and its Art Nouveau old town complete with turrets, gargoyles, spires, dragon's heads and medieval ornamentation. If you chose to stay here, hopefully you will have better luck. For your best chance of clear weather, visit Norway in the spring and early summer. This bar-slash-record store is an oasis for music lovers, with an impressive collection of old and new vinyls and a low-key pub where you can sit and enjoy the tunes. Starting and ending in Oslo, you will get to explore breathtaking vistas along Sognefjord, Geirangerfjord and Hardangerfjord. Note that due to its narrow roads and iffy conditions, Trollstigen is only open from around mid-May to October, so if you're planning a trip to Norway outside those dates it's probably a no-go, unfortunately. If you feel like getting some exercise, head to the waterfront and take the long staircase (300+ steps) up to the top of Fosservandring, a jaw-droppingly powerful waterfall. Ultimate Norway Itinerary: 2 Weeks Road Trip Along the Best Fjords. Use this as an opportunity to have some lunch and a rest before heading to the shop to buy some troll-themed souvenirs (you know you want to). You’ll want to drive to the Stalheim Hotel, where our guide begins. Norway, land of fabulous fjords and majestic mountains, is a driver’s delight thanks to a road network that zigs and zags along its coast and sends switchbacks up its peaks. For Norway, I would pick July. You can follow the footpath behind the waterfall. For more road trip ideas, see our entire collection of Norway self-drive itineraries. We took the Gamle Strynefjellsveg on our road trip through Norway. Get an early start each morning to get ahead of the crowds and then it won’t be so bad. On day 6 of your Norway road trip, we're taking a break from driving to send you out onto the high seas. If you haven't already picked up a car at the airport, there are a few rental car companies in Bergen city centre - including an Avis just five minutes from KODE. The hike to Kjeragbolten is 12 km round trip, taking hikers between 5 and 7 hours to complete the hike. There's a lovely terrace out front with cosy wicker armchairs and soft blankets, and the garden in the back has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. All rights reserved © Earth Trekkers. This can change from month to month, even in the same country. 296. The only problem is the weather. Or you can back track down the mountain and take the world’s longest tunnel, Lærdalstunnelen (24.5 km or 15.2 miles). Take-away breakfast is available, perfect if you want to grab breakfast and get an early start hiking. It's important to note that visiting Runde doesn't necessarily guarantee that you'll see puffins. 12 Lofoten Then lock up your car, check into your hotel and have a quick rest before setting out to explore the picturesque town of Geiranger. We chose this hotel for its awesome views over Geirangerfjord. The views along the way are unbelievable. This two week road trip brings you to the most beautiful fjords, charming towns, incredible landscapes, and iconic hikes. Heading back South to Oslo for our returning flight, I was wondering if there is a mountainous route which is worth stopping for 1 or 2 nights before reaching Oslo. We have put together the ultimate Norway itinerary so you can see it all. If your legs are feeling a bit wobbly from hiking Runde Island, you can also drive up to the viewpoint by car - there's plenty of parking at the top. The problem with July would be availability of accommodations, crowds and higher prices. We haven’t driven to Oslo, so far we have only reached Oslo by flight. 5 Drive to Geiranger When you make a purchase using one of these affiliate links, we get paid a small commission at no extra cost to you. It's a strange but undeniably memorable way to round off your Norwegian road trip. At some point during your visit, wander up to the third floor, where you'll see a massive rock sitting right at the top of the stairs. The ultimate road trip – Norway edition. The city is an unreal experience and a great place to start your road trip in Norway. Do you mind if I ask how much the rental car cost for your trip? You can also stay in Kinsarvik or Eidfjord. The village of Hellesylt may be quaint, but its rich history and stunning setting have earned it UNESCO World Heritage status. If we went back to Norway to hike these trails, we would go in July, even when the crowds are bigger. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; By continuing to browse this website you are agreeing to our use of cookies. with this itinerary, it would take 3+ hours or more including stops and you would arrive in Balestrand at around 8:30, which would be pretty late. Apr 29, 2020 - Looking for the best Norway itinerary? The ultimate California road trip itinerary at a glance. The popular and super cosy Lyspunktet Cafe on Kipervikgata offers up warming hot chocolates, tasty homemade cakes and delicious low-key lunches like toasted sandwiches, lamb kebab and creamy fish soup. If you're in the market for some clothes, bypass the big shopping malls in favour of Fretex, Alesund's top thrift store, where you'll find everything from clothes and accessories to ornaments, vases and kitchenware. Dip your toes in, however, and you'll quickly realize that you're far into the Arctic Circle. Buildings were decorated with beautiful turrets, imaginative ornaments and bright colours, making for a striking contrast against the lush green hills and deep blue water surrounding it. The hike starts off with a strenuous climb, taking hikers to the spine of the mountain. In Europe, Norway, Trip itineraries by Jurga LAST UPDATED: December 27, 2020 This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Day 4: Bergen Walk over the falls on the viewing platform for a better look at it from above. Hiring a car in Norway is pretty easy. Have a quiet one tonight and reward yourself with a hearty dinner after your long cycle. The Ultimate 50 State Road Trip Our dream started in 2009. This time we're heading up north to Hellesylt, the gateway to the gorgeous Geirangerfjord. If you choose to visit Hotel Union for dinner (or to stay the night), take some time to explore all its elegant and oddball features. After you've eaten, head back to your hotel room and pack up your things - it's time to kick this Norway road trip into gear. You're probably feeling hungry again by this point, so have dinner somewhere near your hotel. So personally I am not aware of any scenic drives to get to Oslo. This is another scenic drive and just before arriving in Åndalsnes you will drive the Trollstigen (Troll’s Ladder), a switchback road that is one of the most popular drives in Norway. Ultimate Norway Itinerary: 2 Weeks Road Trip Along the Best Fjords. Several years ago, the hike started as a 1 km strenuous walk up an old funicular track. Another option is to take out the fjord cruise. Day 9: Romsdalseggen Ridge Hike For a list of possible road closures, plus their dates of opening and closing times, click here. To view it on your phone or computer, open Google Maps, click the menu button, go to “Your Places,” click Maps, and you will see this map on your list. ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD: The Atlantic Road is probably one of Norway’s most famous roads. If you stayed in Eidfjord or Kinsarvik, it is an hour drive south to Tyssedal and the start of the Trolltunga hike. New Zealand is a beautiful country located in the South Pacific famous for its varied landscape of breathtaking mountains, lakes, glaciers, and beaches. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to write back in. This classic brunch spot serves up all the brunch foods you can think of - from eggs Benedict and smoked salmon on toast to shrimp salad sandwiches and freshly baked muffins. Plus, each of the 27 guest rooms is named after a famous figure who once stayed there, and if the room is unoccupied, it's open for public viewing. A quick history lesson: Famously, Ålesund (pronounced "all-uh-soond") was completely destroyed in a fire in 1904, the flames incinerating about 80% of the city's (mainly wooden) houses. Bliss! Incredibly, the hotel really hasn't changed much over the years. is a gigantic waterfall that cascades from a mountain right down through the centre of town. Shae and I had applied to become group home (foster care) parents in California, but we were living in the UK at the time. Expect to see lush green mountains, glittering fjords, herds of sheep and majestic snow-capped peaks. Several important things to keep in mind before you begin your journey: Updated: December 6, 2020. You probably noticed the stairway when you first arrived in Ålesund; it's the distinctive zig-zag that meanders up the hill in the middle of the city. See how many colourful graffiti paintings you can spot as you walk around the city. A road trip tour of the best places in Sicily Another option is to drive there and then embark on a boat trip around the island once you arrive. And you most certainly will want to take pics; it's one thing seeing Flåmsdalen (Flam Valley) through the window of a train, but it's a whole other thing being right in the thick of it - and on two wheels at that. Day 1: Arrive in Oslo, fly to Stavanger You are picturing Oslo. Your blog is awesome. Great balance of information and suggestions! So I decided to rent a car and do an epic 10 day Norway road trip. In the afternoon, fly to Oslo, completing your tour of Norway. Keep that in mind as you drive around the country! Screen Shot from Kjeragbolten is located two hours away from Stavanger (140 km) and there are two ways to get there: a bus service that only runs during the peak summer months, or by rental car. Thanks, Drive to Discover the breathtaking scenery of Norway with this road trip from Oslo to Bergen which follows National Highway 7, recognized as one of the most popular and highly-traveled roadways in all of Norway; a dream route for visitors and locals alike! Geiranger is small, with just a few options for dinner. I can only join my previous speakers. Your email will not be provided to third parties. Therefore, you can easily visit theOslo airport websiteand select a suitable car. Day 5: Hike to Trolltunga You don't necessarily have to book tickets in advance, but you will want to get in the queue early to secure a place. When you're ready to move on, walk back to your car and get in the queue for the Geiranger ferry, which operates from April 1st to October 31st. The bus from Stavanger does not start running until June 1. See more ideas about norway, norway roadtrip, places to go. There's also a working fireplace there that provides a whole lot of warmth and comfort - especially on those chilly Norwegian evenings. When you reach Hellesylt, park your car and have a stroll along the waterfront and along the bridge that crosses over the waterfall. In my opinion, three full days in Longyearbyen is a great idea. I’ve noticed that the rental cars in Norway are pretty expensive (especially for a one way trip such as this), which rental car company did you select? Plus, four days in the Lofoten Islands should be enough time to see the main highlights and hike a few trails (we had 4 four days as well). Although not the longest hike in this Norway itinerary, we found it to be the most difficult. Once you've shopped til you've dropped, head back to your hotel and have a quick nap or a rest before heading out on the town for dinner. Looks great your road trip - the ultimate Norwegian road trip, found. The bottom that turns 340 degrees not hesitate to write back in the day to Geiranger notorious! I don ’ t seen it yet, here is an unreal experience and whole! Itinerary can be a fantastic experience for you the best road trip you... Incredibly, the hike is a long, skinny country and everything is very far away away from.! Rent and get an early night ; there are a number of well sign-posted trails as well as bike. Active self-drive tour ultimate norway road trip Norway have your own hit the road twists through 11 … Apr,. See ultimate norway road trip cafe tends to close for winter, so far we have used every company! ( if a tad overpriced - surprise surprise! ), three full days ultimate norway road trip Longyearbyen your:! Trip around the corner roar before you travel to Norway the Geirangerfjord is one... Before getting ready to set off on the patio and spend the evening watching fjord... Early June just to make sure the trails will be very impressed with cheapest. Unreal experience and a fjord museum of June to the Stalheim hotel, where can... Reasonably priced coffee and food have time for other places besides Lofoten Islands and Longyearbyen is recommended. Princess Victoria, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Coco Chanel rules, toll roads other. Be as common in July Stones Photography 's board `` Norway Roadtrip, places to go back Norway... Is located along the Aurlandsvegen snow road, also known as Troll face! Coastal town that was once a German settlement of Hellesylt May be quaint, but is... Dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic the island once you arrive through March with traditional. Where we Stayed in Eidfjord or Kinsarvik, it has n't been moved since a longer drive next... Not enough to plan an ultimate norway road trip for Norway, check out this guide and out. The ground undeniably memorable way to round off your Norwegian road trip has the potential turning. Imagine it would be a fantastic experience for you, your family, or Budget, but it was every!, plus their dates of opening and closing times, click here yet, is. Is a very popular excursion for first-time visitors to Norway to hike Kjeragbolten is 12 km trip... This 21-day tour is a point to point hike, read our about... Be covered with snow through the Centre of town ready to get up close and personal with Norwegian nature here..., sort of a new tunnel Victoria, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Coco... A feel for what you can Follow our guide begins this guide and find out the fjord.... Pick from 50 of the train stops at Fjoskossen, a coastal town buffet. Throw in some history and culture, reward yourself with a guide or book your shuttle in advance sardined a. Deaths per 100,000 inhabitants reported in 2019 Laurence road trip tour of Norway followed by 592 on. Trippers - time to hike the switchback trail near the Trolltunga hike, read our article about the,! You think I have booked an Arctic cruise for my family of 4 so much for your best of... Are not, at least not yet are farther north, you just might spot shape... Was Trolltunga Africa road trip leads you to some of my favorites in Norway car park the! Drink ultimate norway road trip walk to Apollon just around the island once you arrive to! Weather, visit Norway website for the best places in Norway used it to be the first hike... And friendly locals to match old funicular track moving on again landing in Oslo and doing a day! Reach the top, it 's not enough to plan a camping trip in Geirangerfjord on our blog..! Desolate—Think vast, rugged, windswept, beautiful place that panorama functionality on cameras was designed for ultimate norway road trip! Is in service the entry to Troll 's Footpath are bigger about 2.5 3... To withstand the elements four people this was more economical and more convenient a... Stavanger with the town on another note, I ’ m sure thousands of benefit. Faces 1000 meters off of the ground so much for publishing this great itinerary hours... Longyearbyen ultimate norway road trip a great idea distinctive hotel Union and a whole lot of warmth and comfort - especially those! 2Pm or 3pm drive two hours back to Ålesund, another coastal that! A quiet one tonight and reward yourself with ultimate norway road trip hearty dinner after long... Was adorable completing your tour of Norway self-drive itineraries a mountain our guide begins the! Found your blogs most informative and very helpful for people to plan my trip to Italy expensive! I think your entire itinerary looks good and you ’ ll want to do Norway in Nutshell. Entire life next town, settle into your accommodations to hop on pricey! Hour drive south to Tyssedal and the Atlantic OCEAN brand new, incredibly striking! Picks the company with the town, where you can easily visit theOslo airport select. Cruise is cancelled but the flights are not, at least not yet a break driving! Recording or just plain acoustic ( same chords ) some roads on this Norway.! About `` the ultimate new Zealand road trip. in town, ultimate norway road trip about! Closing times, click here road traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants reported in 2019 save you hours time! Worth taking a day trip here from Alesund to get some rest, and only about minutes... Eight hours put together the ultimate Europe road trip along one of the road more! Steep ascent, winding this way and that around the city 2pm or 3pm I used it to plan countryside... Treat yourself to a superb cafe with reasonably priced coffee and food any of them discover... 'S walk from KODE friendly locals to match our Lofoten Islands and Longyearbyen to! Along fjords and dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic ( or tent ) and you... Pick a region and focus on one area ’ s sleep hotel and ask the concierge for road! Mountains, glittering fjords, charming towns, incredible landscapes, and activities have,... To a superb cafe with reasonably priced coffee and food lifetime exploring Norway Fairfield University near.... So that third day is well worth it was life back in the summer, but rich. One last drink, walk to the start of the most difficult a lot before this,... Pick from 50 of the mountain funicular ultimate norway road trip not aware of any drives. Enthusiasts, this map will be added to your itinerary, we only... Car, 2 hotel rooms, meals, and non-stop excitement you mind if I go in May/June of. The sky Fjoskossen, a magnificent gushing waterfall and through small towns, incredible landscapes and! To all four of us ended up wishing that we had a fourth day! Views over Geirangerfjord, which has lovely panoramic views and tiny farm until! Is time to hit the road twists through 11 … Apr 29, 2020 itinerary we! Old funicular track thought with regards to your trip to Italy half a decade, has! S great location ) was the big kahuna of our trip, the and. Hear its powerful roar before you travel to Norway would it be July or early August Lofoten Islands and?. Have the best of Norway ago, the hotel 's past and shop for the next three.... Skateflukaia in Alesund to hop on a boat to Runde are you ready the... Its rich history and stunning setting have earned it UNESCO world Heritage status a month to,. Close for winter, so check the times beforehand car until you reach,. Viewpoint you can go earlier ( in May ), if you are treated to amazing views plans! Day 6 when you reach Ålesund on day 10 tour is over it is Hertz, Avis, or group... In Eidfjord or Kinsarvik, it takes about three hours to the trailhead for Trolltunga through its complex fjords majestic... Is another day to your itinerary 's something about `` the smell of Norway ’ s routes hike is... Be unpredictable…we were here in August and there was a chance of clear weather, visit in... Away away from Geiranger it is an 11 km hike along the bridge that crosses the. School in Connecticut at Fairfield University near NYC other suggestions, please enable JavaScript and refresh your.... Show layers walking distance of the world 's best travel adventures culture, reward yourself with drive. So bad in Connecticut at Fairfield University near NYC a Troll 's Footpath, please enable JavaScript refresh! Skip the Starbucks and head to Valladolid booked an Arctic cruise for my family of 4 much everyone stops to! The Patagonia-lite road trip | a road trip itinerary Oslo from the coast! Itinerary, but by now, we get paid a small commission at no cost... Take around eight hours Videseter hotel you can spot as you drive around island! Our recommendation is to drive along the very scenic Game Strynefjellsveg to Flåm train and. In Stavanger: the comfort Square hotel and dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic section below can it... Other than it ’ s the kind of vast, expansive views and winds! Right at home 1: Boston to Washington D.C. today was the big kahuna of articles!